Huapont is a fast-growing listed pharmaceutical company manufacturing and marketing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) as well as finished dosages to the domestic and international market. Huapont, established in 1992, is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and strong R&D force. It is mainly dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of APIs and drug products of dermatology, anti-tuberculosis and oncology. The company is especially focused on its core skills in the research and development of retinoic acids series products, and it can provide the largest varieties of retinoic acids product in China, accounting for over 56% market share of China retinoic acids market by value.
In 2007, in order to improve the production capacity and quality as well as in concordance with the international GMP requirements, a new APIs plant named Chongqing Huapont Shengchem Pharm.CO.,LTD was established. After several years of hardly efforts, the company has become an exporting base of APIs where is inspected and approved by US-FDA, and other countries authorities. In addition, a stable and close relationship with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, such as ACTIVAS and APOTEX, is established.
This acquisition allows Huapont to combine its own R&D strength with the cGMP advantage and production capability of Huapont Shengchem Pharmaceutical, which greatly enhanced the competence of the company as an API supplier for the international market. Huapont is capable of offering a wide range of products and services to companies, and other industries. And our resources are ready to deal with such items as designing, developing and optimizing synthetic routes, producing and/or scaling up intermediates and APIs, process development, process validation, or commercial manufacturing. 

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