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Innovation, passion and diligence, are the characteristics of the R&D of HUAPONT PHARM; it is the strong support for the company going forward. Talents and technology are the core value of HUAPONT PHARM.

Relying on science and technology;Devoting to human health. As mission, HUAPONT PHARM emphasizes research and development ability since 1992, the beginning of foundation; more than 10% of profit every year is invested in R&D center. With decades of rapid developing, a multifunctional and advanced R&D center which meets the requirement of development of modern pharmaceutical company is playing an important role in HUAPONT PHARM.  


The R&D center is in the Headquarter of HUAPONT PHARM where stands at the foot of green hill (Zhaomu Mountain) and surrounded by the Botanical garden of Zhaomu Mountain. The center covers 30000m2 including Synthesis labs, Analysis labs, Dosage form labs, Toxicology labs, Pharmacology labs, pilot plants for API and dosage form, and other labs.


According to the purpose of developing and researching APIs and drugs, and refer to relative regulations, an integrated and reasonable system is established. The R&D center is divided into seven parts:

● Science and technology committee

● API Department

● FDF Department

● Medicine Department

● Analysis Department

● Quality Assurance Department

● Research Management Department


Personnel: More than 100 professional employees with high education are working in R&D center. 10% of them are Ph.D. degree, 30% of them have the medium-grade or high grade professional tile, and 20% of them have obtained the qualification of licensed pharmacist.

Equipment: Own the general analytical equipment like HPLC, GC, IR, UV, also more advanced and large precise analytical equipment, ICP, GC/MS, LC/MS, XPRD, AAS, etc. are introduced and applied for solving difficulties in research of APIs or drugs.


HUAPONT PHARM has the strong research ability and longer history on retinoids and vitamin D; and the microcrystallization of insoluble drugs and drugs for external use have great advantage. Moreover R&D center corporate deeply with institutes or universities to develop new projects and set up research center, for example the high effective drug research center together with Chongqing University.


Every year at least 15 new projects are running.

Up to now the R&D center has made many great achievements. 

●  75+ production licenses by China-FDA and 10 DMF approval by overseas Authorities

●  85+ patents are authorized including 3 innovative compounds (new chemical entities, NCEs), and some of them are in development stage for toxicology and/or pharmacology.

●  Full experiences of cooperating with pharmaceutical partners by CMO for NDA and Paragraph IV application

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